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Getting you more for your money

Our SmartSave feature analyses your bank and card transactions
then presents you with offers which save you money

Your account transactions

01st Dec 2014 - 18th Dec 2014

Account number: 12345678

  • Date
  • Type
  • Details
  • Balance
  • 18 Dec '14
  • CR
  • Tesco Stores Ltd
  • £50.52
  • 15 Dec '14
  • CR
  • ASOS
  • £231.12
  • 12 Dec '14
  • CR
  • Argos
  • £275.11
  • 09 Dec '14
  • CR
  • Nike
  • £357.41
  • 07 Dec '14
  • CR
  • Frankie and Bennys
  • £467.41
  • 05 Dec '14
  • CR
  • Dominos Pizza
  • £481.41
  • 02 Dec '14
  • CR
  • Primark Stores Ltd
  • £508.40
  • 01 Dec '14
  • CR
  • Thomas Cook
  • £541.90

Your SmartSave offers

Your total savings based on your spending


  • Your savings: £2.38
  • Your savings: £2.38
  • Your savings: £2.38
  • Your savings: £2.38
  • Your savings: £2.38
  • Your savings: £2.38


Get instant savings that are tailored to you. ClearAccount analyses your transactions to see how you're spending so we can present personalised offers on the items you already buy, making your money go further.

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The ClearAccount promise
  • We will not sell your data
  • Your data is 100% secure

Financial Progress: Month on Month

ClearAccount aims to give you the complete picture of your financial life. Our balance graphs offer a clear view of your spending behaviour across the month. Compare your balance month on month and view accurate financial predictions for the future.

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The ClearAccount Promise

ClearAccount will never compromise on 5 promises to our customers which we set out below:

  • Security of your information is our top priority
  • We will not sell your data to third parties
  • There will never be any hidden or unexpected charges
  • We will only present relevant and useful offers
  • We will prioritise offers which provide value to you, rather than commission for us

ClearAccount works with
the following banks + more!

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Intelligent Insights

We provide personalised insights into your spending behaviour whilst showing how you compare to other ClearAccount users.

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Categorised spending

We automatically group your transactions into categories to provide insight into your spending habits. Our helpful graphs offer a clear view of where you spend the most so you can budget accordingly.

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Quick budgets

Our handy graphs allow you to clearly view your spending so you can create budgets that are tailored to you and your spending behaviour. Track your progress against these to make sure you stay on track and get your finances in line. We automatically update your budgets meaning there's no need to note down transactions each time you spend.

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